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Top 5 V-day Gift For Her

Top 5 V-day Gift For Her

We get it. Finding the perfect Valentine's gift for your special one is a major challenge after Christmas. You've exhausted the expensive jewellery and flowers idea, and anything similar is considered thoughtless and cheesy. So we're just thinking, why not Liquor? We've got the perfect liqour gift guide to ensure you look like the best boyfriend in the world, getting that special gift for that special HER.

我們明白, 聖誕搞盡腦汁諗禮物,抖左一個月,情人節再黎料!又送花又送貴價首飾真係好行,點解唔諗下送酒品?我地為你呈上最正嘅送禮指南,確保你送嘅禮物係獨特,且悉心挑選過,絕不會令她失望!


1. Gin Collection

There's nothing better than a gin gift set containing 5 selected capsules of spiritual goodness from around the world. No matter if it's a Gin&Tonic, Martini, or some other fancy cocktails, your lady can make her favourite drink easily and enjoy it at the comfort of her own home (with you preferably). Most importantly, every time she makes one, she'll think of you.
有咩禮物正得過擁有5款世界級Gin酒嘅gift set ? 無論調成Gin&Tonic,Martini定還是直接加冰飲,你嘅另一伴都可以在家舒舒服服調cocktail。最重要嘅係,佢每一次調酒,都會想起你!


2. Sake

Every woman loves sashimi. And what's the perfect match? Sake, of course! Daishinshu (Nagano) NAC Junmai Ginjo is like a drinkable perfume - fruity and floral but still light and refreshing. It's a perfect gift for women who love sashimi and elegant fragrance.
每個女人都愛sashimi! 而佢地嘅perfect match 呢?當然係Sake。大信州超辛口純米吟釀酒 就好似飲得到嘅香水-充滿果香及花香,且輕盈易入口。無疑係一眾又愛魚生又愛香水嘅女士們最佳禮物。


Source: @composedconfusion (Instagram) 

3. Rosé

Rose is so last year, this year we're doing Rosé. According to an unofficial investigation, Rosé is the most popular alcoholic drink amongst young ladies. If she is a novice, you won't go wrong giving her a cute glass of pink wine. Pink by desiGN crushes the finest New Zealand Pinot Noir grapes to give a cheeky blush. With aroma of raspberry, strawberry, lime zest and melons, this is the perfect light off-dry fruity rosé, she's feel the sunlight and her spirit instantly uplifted. 
今年唔送玫瑰送 Rosé。根據非正式統計,Rosé 可能係輕熟女最受歡迎嘅酒品。如果她酒量一般,送上一杯可愛迷人的粉紅Rosé就最岩。Pink by desiGN 選取最高質嘅紐西蘭 Pinot Noir 提子,帶有紅桑子、士多啤梨、青檸及蜜瓜香,入口輕而不淡,果味重,且甜度適中,是一款性價比高嘅Rosé!送上它就猶如送上溫暖燦爛嘅陽光,好warm好sweet啊!


4. Little Prince Handbag with Chocolate

Deep inside, every girl desires The Little Prince. YOU can be that Little Prince, and give this Little Prince Handbag to her on Valentines Day. With high quality Belgium chocolate inside, it quadruples into a photo frame, a handbag, and a storage box. Fill that void, be her Little Prince this year!
係咪每個女仔心入面都有位小王子?如果女友答係,係時候充當一次小王子,係呢個咁浪漫嘅日子送她經典華麗嘅小王子禮盒。 除了配有高級比利時朱古力,它還可作相架,手提包及收納盒, 將你們珍貴的回憶放進去吧!


5. LetterPress Card

There's no better way to send her the most romantic message than by giving her an over-the-top goofy+cheesy gift card. Made by one of the world's leading letterpress studios, Bespoke Letterpress, the craftsmanship and texture of the card will tell her the boldness and sincerity of your message. Love is invisible, so unleash the poet inside you, just make sure you get a damn good card to put those lovely words on. As they say, words last forever, get the right card - available in retail store.
製作自 Bespoke Letterpress-其中一間世界知名的活版印刷工作室,其專注用心的手工藝,就好似你對她的愛一樣。就趁情人節係禮咭寫上你嘅愛意吧,此時此刻嘅心意係會保存一世架!(只限西貢門市)



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