Laws of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business
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Corporate Partnership

Looking to send your corporate partners or customers gift sets? or are you looking for events to do team building, networking happy hour, or private party?
We can help. 

The Bottle Shop offers tailored gift sets, tasting workshops, food pairing, and catering events. We're specialists of craft beers, gins, whisky, and wine, so whichever beverage type you're interested in, we're able to offer educational or social packages tailored for your needs. 

Way to get in touch: +852 2791 1600 or [email protected]
Make sure to plan ahead, and contact us at your earliest convenience.

想搵啲活動俾公司團隊做team building、人脈拓展聚會或私人單身派對?
The Bottle Shop 提供品酒工作坊美酒佳餚配搭精緻到會服務。酒款方面除了精釀啤酒,也包括紅白酒及各款烈酒如氈酒及威士忌作配搭,更會舉行調酒工作坊
打電話 +852 2791 1600 或發電郵到 [email protected] 問多啲啦!


Gift Sets

If you’re looking to show your customers, clients, or corporate partners how much you care, send them tailor designed gift sets. We have worked with some of the best companies in Hong Kong to provide them with well-designed, quality food and beverage products, and most importantly, timely delivered. Email us and see how we may help!!



Tasting Workshop 品酒工作坊

If you wish to know more about certain beverages, like wines for example, our professional staff can provide you with a tasting workshop and explain in a structured format, its basic understanding and background. In this journey, you could develop your knowledge as well as tastebuds for the nuisance of craft beers, gins, whisky, wines, and so on.

Workshops can last from 1½ to 3 hours depending the group size. Food or nibbles can be provided on top of the beverages.

品酒工作坊會根據參與者的數量,通常舉行大概 1½ 至 3小時。品酒師會帶你探索神秘有趣的啤酒古世界,再穿越去品嚐摩登新潮的啤酒。每位參與者都能享用美酒美食,去體驗一場不可思議且難以忘懷的味覺旅程!


Catering Event 精緻到會服務

We love food as much as we love drinks - they just go together so well.

If you have the number of people that will attend your event, the next step is simply to contact us. We will discuss with you the amount of food and drinks to provide for your guests, and what types will best suit their palate and for the event. 

No parties are too small or too big for us, whether it be a catering event in your office, junk boat trips, friend's birthdays, weddings, etc., we're only too eager to help. 




Partners We Have Worked With Before 過往的合作伙伴