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Top 5 V-day Gift For Her

Top 5 V-day Gift For Her We get it. Finding the perfect Valentine's gift for your special one is a major challenge after Christmas. You've exhausted the expensive jewellery and flowers idea, and anything similar is considered thoughtless and cheesy. So we're just thinking, why not Liquor? We've got the perfect liqour gift guide to ensure you look like the best boyfriend in the world, getting that special gift for that special HER.

Sake 101

Sake 101 清酒在香港近年人氣愈來愈大,雖然遠遠未及葡萄酒般普及,但已經逐步吸引更多朋友一試。 不過相信不少朋友 (特別是初次接觸者)在飲用清酒時都會因無法確切形容酒類的風格,而產生陌生感。所以今次筆者會先介紹清酒的四大類別,好讓各位朋友在品飲時能更易了解清酒的特點,慢慢懂得感受清酒之美。