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Collaboration Partners' Story - BeCandle #2

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Collaboration Partners' Story - BeCandle #2

How Xavier celebrate?


BeCandle is a beautifully curated shop combining retail display and a workshop. All the products and interior design are minimally designed in their details. Xavier’s team is closely-knitted made up of like-minded individuals, everyone contributes to the creative side of the business.


Their passion makes their work and service outstanding. In a recent brainstorming session by the team, the idea “Formulate Candle Journey” is born. This is a workshop meant for the public. A colleague trained in psychology came up with the initial concept, logic and story. The team then leads participating customers in a creative process. First they get to put together a mood board, then jot down keywords, thus leading the customers to the ultimate scent they are looking for. The BeCandle team goes further by inviting professional perfumers to join the workshop sessions to refine the scent library after observing the entire process.


It is Xavier’s profession to be a creative. Even in celebrating an event or milestone, there would be some aspects of creativity. He especially enjoys cooking during the holidays, but he would prefer to ‘create’ a dish as opposed to just following a recipe. In food pairing, Xavier’s drink of choice would be whisky. It is no doubt his favourite drink as he enjoys studying the complexities in tasting profiles of whiskies.


Xavier’s multi-tasking means the business owner, creative designer and father of two has a very full life, and seldom has time off for himself. But if he could choose a theme to a public holiday, he would like to make a “Sai Kung Day”, where all business owners and workers in Sai Kung could have a day off, and just enjoy themselves by celebrating the beautiful place that they live in.


互撐夥伴【BeCandle】專訪(二) - 為創作慶祝

而家位於萬年街嘅BeCandle結合咗零售同工作坊部分,由產品到整個空間嘅設計都簡潔又充滿細節,獨特嘅風格係由Xavier同非典型嘅團隊一齊創造,唔似傳統公司,BeCandle冇好有系統嘅分工,好多嘢都係圍埋一齊傾出嚟,因為大家都重視創作、追求完美,先可以令品牌突圍而出「坊間好多人做workshop,我哋要諗點樣去改變,成team人喺大枱傾吓jam吓就做咗Formulate Candle Journey,成個workshop係個creative process,由mood board、寫文字到keywords system,再lead去唔同嘅香氣。我哋有個有心理學背景嘅同事,佢貢獻咗好多文字、思維、logic上嘅諗法;做香味嘅同事又會透過觀察參加者嘅反應再refine我哋嘅香味library,不斷改進,成個創作過程都幾難忘」








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