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Collaboration Partners' Story - Cheese From Far #1

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Collaboration Partners' Story - Cheese From Far #1

Sincerity from Sai Kung


Cheese From Far was founded in 2019 by Hong Kong native Morn and her husband Ronald from Holland. It has been relocated from Chan Man Street to Tak Lung Back Street last year to a shop now 4 times bigger than before. The tranquil environment now seems more suitable for this gentle and friendly couple to have more space to communicate with their clients, slow down and enjoy the life in Sai Kung.


“According to Times Magazine, Sai Kung is one of the best places in the world to live in”, and that’s why Ronald moved in 8 years ago. He loves the nature and the fresh air, and, it’s a small town with lots of friendly people. “We have very nice customers that I can spend one hour chatting with. We talk about business, politics, environment…lots of different subjects.” The good relationship built with regulars is one of the motivations which drives them to keep going.


During our chat, we found that Ronald is not dissimilar in his mindset as other local Hong Kongers or Sai Kungers. The connection with people outside of Sai Kung and the connection between human and the precious nature are food for thought. He has three concerns and suggestions to improve our local community.


Firstly, we could be more thoughtful about our public spaces for gathering, as communication is one of the key essentials in a healthy community. Ronald cares about the wasted small empty places in Sai Kung. They could be utilised better with a simple clean up and just an addition of a bench for people to meet up.


Secondly, he suggests the convenience of a ferry in mornings and evenings to connect with Hong Kong Island. It would be more convenient for local residents’ commute to work and for day-tripping visitors to Sai Kung.


Last but not least, is about our connection to the natural context. As a person who cares about the environment and having grown up in Holland, Ronald says, “What’s missing everywhere in Hong Kong and especially here in Sai Kung, are bicycle paths. Everything is for cars, there is little space for pedestrians and no paths at all for cyclists. It’s hard to imagine that you have to fear for your life when you are cycling.”

Will you join him if there is a beautiful bicycle path from Ma On Shan to Sai Kung?


In just an hour’s interview, we can feel Ronald’s passion towards this community and our city at large. If you want to know more, stop by Cheese from Far for a chat with Ronald!




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    互撐夥伴【Cheese From Far】專訪(一) - 擁有西貢心嘅芝士小店
    Cheese From Far由香港人Morn同佢嚟自荷蘭嘅丈夫Ronald喺2019年創立,上年5月再由親民街搬到德隆後街,恬靜嘅環境加上闊落咗嘅店面,感覺更適合呢對溫柔細心嘅夫婦,因為可以有更多空間同客人交流,好好享受西貢小社區嘅生活。


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