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Collaboration Partners' Story - SEED #2

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Collaboration Partners' Story - SEED #2

How do Nicole and the team celebrate?


The SEED team loves nature like most of those who live in Sai Kung. You can feel their energy and passion for outdoors reverberating through the store. On the question of a suggestion for a public holiday, Nicole proclaims without a doubt, “Water Activities Day! I enjoy a day trip by SUP or kayak. The advantage of living in Sai kung is that we don’t actually even have to wait till the weekend or a public holiday to get out to sea. And you can always find partners just by texting in our community group.”


“Going out to sea is my secret celebration ritual. It’s very grounding, I really feel connected to our natural environment” said Nicole.


In any occasion for gatherings, food and drinks are always the focal point. Nicole and her girl friends in Sai kung have an annual ritual to make plum wine together. The Seed team, however, are all so-called ‘Slashers’ with different schedules for work and study, so they seldom enjoy a team-building get-together. Hope they can make it next Lunar New Year.


Pop by anytime with a bottle of fruity alcohol and hit up the delightful sunny team at SEED for a casual chat on your next visit!

互撐夥伴【點籽】專訪(二) - 出海慶祝


大部份住西貢嘅都係鍾意大自然嘅朋友,同樣係西貢人嘅點籽團隊亦都一樣,訪問當日見到嘅三位成員都擁有健康小麥膚色,全因佢哋都鍾意隨時隨地同陽光玩遊戲。所以當問到要 #FF 一個假期慶祝,Nicole都離唔開佢鍾意嘅大海「水上活動日!呢幾年會去划吓SUP、獨木舟,我就好開心!同埋住西貢有個好處,大家要等放假先嚟,我哋一遇到好天氣,只要喺group問一句『邊個想去海邊浸腳?』就可以成班人出發」 「出海就係我嘅secret ritual!即係好似grounding,連結大自然」唔知大家腦海中有冇突然飄過一秒阿凡達嘅畫面呢







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