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Collaboration Partners' Story - Sai Kung Store #2

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Collaboration Partners' Story - Sai Kung Store #2

How Debby celebrate?


Upon entry to Sai Kung Store, the woody aroma will give one a sense of comfort and homecoming. We got to know Debby better after the interview, as a passionate person who loves Sai Kung, the neighbours and her customers. Her conversation is always full of gratitude and appreciation of her context. 


As it’s an interview about our collaboration and anniversary celebration, we posed a question to Debby: If you can create a public holiday, what will it be?


“A Cat’s Day, a Dog’s Day or Pet’s Day, it’s for our animals. We can’t live without them in modern life. A public holiday will remind us of our gratitude to their companions. It’s important to also think of celebrating other living beings..”


Debby always has her schedule full because she has 2 jobs - as the Sai Kung Store director and another full time job. She also has to take cares of her cats. She lives a very full life indeed. When asked how she would spend her time to celebrate, Debby replies: “ I will turn off the alarm clock and sleep till late. It’s a celebration for me! You can go further if you have a good rest. But, my cats usually wake me up early for their breakfast anyway…”


As for Debby’s favourite drink, she would always choose a local craft beer as she stocks them in her store. Drink local!


Now you know the best way to strike up a conversation with Debby - Grab a local craft beer with her! Cheers.

互撐夥伴【西多】專訪 (二)- 為生活慶祝



適逢我哋十週年,問起有關慶祝嘅事,如果 #FF 一個法定公眾假期,佢想為啲咩事慶祝


「應該要有個Cat’s Day、Dog’s Day或者Pet’s Day,celebrate番我哋啲動物,現代生活其實動物、寵物又或者我哋平時食果啲肉都係動物,有個公眾假期大家先會記得欣賞、記得呢份恩賜,有個關於人以外嘅公眾假期都幾重要」












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