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Collaboration Partners' Story - SEED #1

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Collaboration Partners' Story - SEED #1

A happy SEED in Sai Kung


“Just let me hit the beach for a bit”, texted one of the SEED founders, Nicole, before our interview. That’s the #saikungvibe, and the relaxed and chilled lifestyle is one of the reasons why they chose to set up SEED here.“ Most of their team love working in Sai Kung because of the connection to the natural environment.


SEED has been operating for 5 years, offering diversified household products to locals and tourists. Over the years, ‘shopping naked’ has become the habit of some locals. To SEED, they are regulars who have become friends, sometimes popping in just for a chat, or to drop some home cooked food.


After living here for 8 years, Nicole has made friends everywhere in Sai Kung. Her commute to and from work usually takes some time as she frequently meets people she knows on the way and has to stop for a chat.


The Seed team is now made up of four partners, Nicole and her sister Belle, friends Yan & Dorothy; and two part time staff Man & Ben. The whole team shares similar values and work-life balance. That is the main reason why Dorothy enjoys working here and decided to join as a partner. Everyone works independently, based on their strengths. Nicole, with her systematic mind, takes care of inventory and visual merchandising. Man, her crew with an artistic eye, designs all the advertising material. Ben, student and coffee enthusiast, enjoys sharing his love for coffee with colleagues and customers. The key to keeping the team together is close communication, and the team values comments from each other as the diversified thinking helps them work towards a common goal of improving the business.


The whole interview was relaxed and fun. Even though it was our first meeting, Nicole and the team are as friendly as your next door neighbour. Get to know the SEED team on a visit in store, or if you miss Nicole, try the beach!


互撐夥伴【點籽】專訪(一) - Chill Free裸買店 




轉眼開業五年,產品非常多元化,喺點籽補給日常用品慢慢都成為咗唔少街坊嘅生活習慣,而對於團隊嚟講,認識到嘅唔止熟客「熟客唔係要日日、每個禮拜嚟幫襯,反而係佢哋唔嚟買嘢,但都會stop by嚟傾吓偈、吹吓水、整嘢畀我哋食,其實似朋友多啲」 加上喺西貢住咗八年,Nicole自然周街都係朋友「因為同附近嘅小店都好好朋友,我會搵呢個friend吹下水,轉頭又去下一間玩吓,所以無論係放工返屋企定出門返工,都需要一啲時間」


現時點籽團隊有四個partners包括Nicole同妹妹Belle、Dorothy;仲有兩位兼職同事Man、學生Ben,大家嘅生活模式類近、又對環保理念一致,所以成條team嘅相處模式都好似朋友一樣咁輕鬆又有愛,亦係Dorothy點解由當初只喺點籽打工而轉投加入成為partners嘅原因。而分工方面,佢哋都係一樣咁有彈性「我哋基本上係互補,我最叻執storage同display、Man就好叻畫好靚嘅POS、Ben又會準備定佢愛嘅咖啡同大家分享⋯⋯每個人都負責唔同嘅嘢,但每個人都有fresh eye去睇大家嘅工作,冇話規舉係點就要跟住做,而係大家合作,咁每樣嘢都會做得再好啲」好自由,但又好自動,佢哋近排先一齊油過店鋪牆身,唔知你又有冇留意到呢?




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