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The Bottle Shop Story #6

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The Bottle Shop Story #6



As we have seen in Hong Kong recently, change happens quickly. Over the past ten years we’ve seen countless businesses open and close, many of our close friends in the industry - bars, restaurants, retail shops, have suffered the effects of changing demands and recently, changing demographics. As a wholesaler and retailer, we try not look too far ahead and more importantly, to not indulge in the past either. As the saying goes: “The future starts today, not tomorrow”.

On behalf of The Bottle Shop, we want to thank all the past colleagues, customers, and friends for being a part of our memories for the past 10 years. Hope we have the privilege to reminisce about the next ten years too. Much love from all of us.


The Bottle Shop故事時間 - 多謝您

變幻原是永恆,但呢幾年嘅香港,變化都好似用咗2x倍速一樣,喺呢十年,我哋見證咗無數開張同結業,我哋業界嘅朋友,無論係酒吧、餐廳定零售店舖,都面對住大環境、人口改變所帶嚟嘅種種挑戰,作為幸運捱得過嘅批發同零售小店,我哋唔敢睇得太遠,但亦唔會沉醉喺舊日風光,只想繼續努力把握當下嘅機會。藉住十週年,我哋想衷心多謝過去每一位曾經為The Bottle Shop努力過嘅員工、友善嘅客戶同大愛嘅朋友,多謝你哋陪我哋走過呢段時光,一齊創造珍貴回憶,希望有幸喺嚟緊嘅十年可以繼續同大家飲杯!



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