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5 Sai Kung Spots to Drink a Cold Beer

5 Sai Kung Spots to Drink a Cold Beer

Beer in hand, on a date, hanging with friends or taking the dog for a sunset stroll, it’s pretty hard to beat Sai Kung’s wide walkways and ocean air. Especially these 5 spots close to our shop.

  • We know all too well the dread of a cold beer going warm, as the seconds tick away before arriving at your desired drinking destination.


To make sure the beers stay fresh, we've shared five locations under 30 minutes from our Sai Kung Shop so you can grab something favourite from the fridge and check out (in order of adventurousness) the best places to bring a bottle or two. 


(Click on the headings for google map locations)


Tui Min Hoi Stroll (5 mins)

tui min hoi promenade and heroes beer


Just around the corner through the seafood restaurants to The Bottle Shop's right, there is a nice little promenade to walk down. It is usually quiet and less busy than the main thoroughfare (left towards the piers) and there are a few benches here to take the weight off as you go.


A wonderful scene of boats is arrayed here, from sampans to junks, ferries and dinghies, all making a composite of old and modern Sai Kung living.


Further on, you can explore a unique village, Tui Min Hoi “over-the-harbour” which was built in 1984 as the government’s very first rural public housing project for local fisherman who had been forced to move (from what is now High Island Reservoir). 


If you continue exploring on up the hill towards the fish market, you’ll get an unbeatable view of Sai Kung town facing the sea.


Waterfront Walk (10 mins)

gweilo pale ale on the sai kung waterfront


Probably the most obvious place to go, left as you exit the shop to follow the ocean as far as you desire. There are occasional steps down towards the sea if you want to get your feet wet, but nothing beats lying back on one of the large wave breaker rocks to watch the tide change and the world go by. 


Further on down the path you can reach Sha Ha beach, and while not the tidiest, remains a Sai Kung staple. 


If you plan on going for a twilight after-dinner walk, you may even come across our local cattle that like to have a nap on the grassy areas (behind the car park). They won't bite, just don't get too close or they'll try to nab your beer! 


Sai Kung Park Stairway (10 mins)

sai kung park view and a magic rock beer


Find a hidden staircase behind the Tin Hau Temple and a quick walk up the hill will grant you a view of Sai Kung fewer people have enjoyed.


With exactly 142 steps to the top, the park overlooks traffic entering and leaving Sai Kung town, as well as a view down the line of 5 towering bells that signify the unbroken Feng Shui path from the Temple, all the way through to the ocean waterfront. 


It is usually quiet up here, away from the chaos of the town centre, but lend a smile for any of the locals practicing Tai Chi, or the workers having a lunch-break snooze on the rocks. This is the perfect place to breathe it in deep, and enjoy the (almost) 360 degree view of our town. 


Tso Wo Hang Pier (20 mins)

tso wo hang pier and a stone and wood pacific ale


About 10 minutes on any bus heading towards Pak Tam Chung (KMB 94 or Minibus to Hoi Ha), you can get off at Tso Wo Hang pier for a peaceful view overlooking Sai Kung waters and some nearby islands.


Like most piers in Hong Kong it is popular for fishing hobbyists (who make for great people watching), just don’t get in the way of their hooks.


If you have the afternoon ahead of you, grab some tackle and bait at one of the many fishing stores around the main terminus, and hop on the bus with your cold beers. You may even pick up a few tips from the local pros!


The Sai Kung Monument (30 mins)

sai kung monument and a young masters beer


Further on down the same road towards towards Pak Tam Chung, and just before the country park barrier you will arrive at the “Monuments for Martyrs Against Japanese Militarism”, which while less intimidating than it sounds, hails an important part of Sai Kung’s history, when the East River Column fought against Japanese occupancy in WWII.


The monument is close to the main road, but delve down towards the sea to find campsites and barbecue pits hidden away from the hustle and bustle. Wander around enough and you'll find some spectacular views of the town's coastline.


You can keep going downhill towards the beach to find some water sports facilities (but we’ve found those hard to do with a beer in hand!).


If you need more secret places to visit, just come down and say Hi to us at The Bottle Shop. We'll help you choose the perfect bottle of liquor or wine, or select from the best craft beers in Hong Kong (that we know of!) and #exploresaikung!




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