That Boutique-Y Gin Company Bush Tucker Gin


England and Australia might be quite far away from each other (to put it lightly), but the folks from Chilgrove Spirits connect the two within their Bush Tucker Gin! It's made with a similar selection of botanicals as their Chilgrove Bluewater Gin, which includes four ingredients indigenous to England and four ingredients indigenous to Australia, but with a twist - the gloriously fragrant notes of lemon myrtle have been dialled up significantly.

Nose: There’s notes of soft peach and lemon sherbets initially, before peppermint rises. Floral vanilla and anise linger in the backdrop.
Taste: Kiwi fruit and tamarillo break through delicate lemongrass to provide a tart and complex sweetness, which finger lime citrus soon adds to. Fizzing pepper and woody cinnamon arrive to cut through syrupy aniseed.
Finish: Soft and floral angelica gently simmers away.


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