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Terai India Dry Gin


We combine the devotion to our land, our expertise in agriculture & distillation, a spirit of craft, and the love of a good drink to bring you Terai India Dry Gin.

Eleven select botanicals sourced mainly from Khari Baoli - Asia’s largest spice market - make up TERAI.

TERAI India Dry Gin is a modern gin rooted in London Dry Gin traditions but with an intrinsically Indian flavour profile and character.

It is a vibrant gin which begins with lush green notes lifted by a citrus zest. This is followed by a characteristic floral bouquet and a sweet and piney juniper aroma. On the palate, sweet and herbaceous flavours are balanced by a dry spice and savoury finish.

Terai is a belt of fertile marshlands running along the foothills of the Himalayas. Watered by springs and rivers, this land is lush, bountiful and fresh – all echoed in our carefully crafted TERAI gin.

The Swarup family, the founders, have a long history of agriculture and distillation in the region, and are dedicated to preserving the sanctity of the land and its people.

ABV: 42.8%
Vol: 750ml

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