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Magpie Brewing Evil Eyes Hazy Double IPA


Introducing Magpie Brewing Co.’s newest innovation, the Evil Eyes Double IPA. This robust brew boasts a hearty 7% ABV, perfectly suited for those who appreciate the richer, more potent side of craft beer. With its deep golden hue and a heady aroma that entices the senses, Evil Eyes promises a full-bodied hop punch complemented by a complex bouquet of citrus and pine notes. Each 500ml can encapsulates the bold spirit of Magpie’s brewing excellence, featuring an abstract, eye-catching design that mirrors the dynamic and adventurous nature of this double IPA. It’s an unapologetically bold beer for those who don’t shy away from intense flavor and are eager to explore the depth of craft brewing artistry. Savor the pure expression of quality hops in Magpie Brewing Co.’s Evil Eyes, where strength and flavor stand in perfect harmony.

Vol: 500ml
ABV: 7%

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