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That Boutique - Y Gin Company 3D Jupiter Gin 500ml


The Crossbill Gin folks in Glasgow have gazed past the super-strings that hold the universe together and stepped directly into the third dimension, eschewing our world's simple ideas of juniper and diving into something completely new. This London dry gin features both green and blue juniper berries, fresh juniper needles and even a hint of juniper wood! We're uncertain of the stability of the cosmos when faced with such a weighty concentration of juniper within one gin, but should it rip apart the fabric of our existence, at least we'll have something delicious to sip as we're swallowed by a tear in the space-time continuum.

Tasting notes:
Nose: A little jasmine and sweet peppermint lift crisp juniper and citrus oils initially, as creamy vanilla fills the backdrop. A note of violet petals and water icing linger.
Taste: Among waves of spring blossoms and orange oil there’s broad smatterings of juniper. Gingerbread spice and aromatic cardamom build with careful menace underneath.
Finish: The soft, creamy spirit dissipates, leaving only a suggestion of edible rose petals.
Distillery/Brand: Crossbill
Style: London Dry Gin
ABV: 46.0%

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