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Silent Pool Rose Expression Gin 700ml


The first in our series of expressions, a gin dedicated to pay homage to a quintessentially British flower, the rose. Silent Pool Rose Expression Gin is as equally complex, intricate and individual as our core recipes, but with a delicate twist to amplify a core botanical and give it its well-deserved time in the limelight.

The recipe was designed around the top notes of the locally sourced rose petals and to do this, we took a scientific approach to deepen our understand of which compounds deliver the best aromas. Many rose gin use extracts or infusions to get the rose flavour across. We’re proud to say through our research, we’ve created a delicious London Dry rose gin through distillation alone.

Base notes of tea and floral rose arise from the spirit. Light, elegant and smooth vetiver and cardamom mingle beautifully on the palette. Rose builds in the back of the mouth along with more tea, citrus and gentle spice. Juniper is present in the background providing a piney, fruity backbone.


ABV: 43%

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