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無名氏 N.I.P Catnip Gin Special Edition Tea Gin Series No. 1 500ml


N.I.P. has joined forces with fellow tea enthusiast, Rest Coffee Gin, to create this first issue in a special series that celebrates the beauty of premium Chinese tea. But instead of sipping it hot, we had a different idea - we decided to use the tea as one of the main ingredients for a new gin; ergo, C.A.T.N.I.P Gin is born. The car inspiration of the gin comes from our cats' reaction to catnip - we hop eour gin can also create such smooth and comforting sensation so you can relax, chill and enjoy the wonders of tea and gin, much like a cat with catnnip.

The four main ingredients in this gin include juniper berries, grapefruit peel, ginger, and most importantly, the star of theshow, Phoenix Honey Orchard, This type of tea is lightly roasted and fermented to give off a floral frragrance and fruity palate, with a hint of peach and tropic fruits, which ends with a mild roast. Although the recipe may seem simple, but the profile of this gin is far from it. On the nose, the gin draws upon the fragrance of the tea and the citrus from the grapefruit peel, giving it an aromatic and refreshing scent. On the palate, the gin is juniper forward, followed by the lingering elegancce and seet and roasted complexity of the tea, which is also supported by the freshness of grapefruit and ginger.

ABV: 45%

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