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Cielo e Terra 3 Biologico Passo Rosso Negroamaro , Syrah 2019, Apulia Italy


The 3 Passo Rosso from the wine-growing region of Apulia reveals itself in a dense purple red in the glass. In the glass, this red wine from Cielo e Terra presents aromas of plums, plums, blueberries, blackcurrants and blackberries, complemented by toasted barrique, cigar box and oak. The Cielo e Terra 3 Passo Rosso delights with its elegantly dry flavor. It was brought with 7.5 grams of residual sugar on the bottle. This is a real quality wine, which clearly stands out from simpler qualities and so this Italian enchants with the finest balance despite all dryness. Excellent taste does not necessarily need sugar. This velvety red wine presents itself full of pressure and multilayered on the palate. Due to the moderate fruit acidity, the 3 Passo Rosso flatters the palate with a velvety feeling without lacking freshness. The final of this red wine from the wine-growing region of Apulia, which can mature well, convinces with a beautiful reverberation

Vinification of the Cielo e Terra 3 Passo Rosso
The basis for the powerful 3 Passo Rosso from Apulia are grapes from the Negroamaro and Syrah varieties. After the grape harvest, the grapes reach the press house as quickly as possible. Here they are sorted and carefully broken up. Fermentation then takes place at controlled temperatures. After the end of fermentation

Food recommendation for the 3 Passo Rosso from Cielo e Terra
Enjoy this organic red wine from Italy best tempered at 15 - 18°C as an accompanying wine to vegetable couscous with beef meatballs, duck breast with sugar snap peas or braised chicken in red wine.

Varietal: Negroamaro , Syrah
ABV: 14%
Vol: 750ml

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