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Alto Del Carmen Envejecido Conde Pisco


Alto del Carmen is the premium brand of Capel. The Chileans themselves refer to the Pisco as "a spirit interwoven with the history and culture of Chile." The origin of this wonderful Piscos is the Huasco Valley, and there is a range of hills whose most important peak is the Alto del Carmen.


All Piscos Alto del Carmen are made from 100% Rosa Moscatel and then aged in American oak barrels.

The individual Piscos differ in strength and are drunk on different occasions.


Probably one of the best piscos Chile is the Envejecido, the ripened.

Double it is distilled, it takes away any sharpness. Not as sedate as some cognac, it rises mild and aromatic to the nose. Soft, almost gentle, it flatters the tongue, overwhelmed with full, ripe, dark aromas that best come in a swivel advantage.


Alto del Carmen "Envejecido", like all good brandies, is best enjoyed at room temperature.


Vol: 750ml

ABV: 40%

Style: Aged Pisco