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8Wired Experimental Hop NZH-111 Bract Project Pilsner


We are proud to be part of the Bract Brewing Project, testing out experimental varieties grown by NZ Hops.

In our quest to continually expand our sensory and taste profiles with our breeding program looking for those ‘hops with a difference’, NZH-111 has taken us down another unique flavour profile that is not often prevalent in our NZ varieties. See if you can pick it. More of a traditional heavy set Bine structure makes this quite a robust variety but does have a tight harvest window meaning when she’s ready, she’s ready.
- Brent McGlashen, Hop Grower

Continuing our relationship with New Zealand Hops' breeding programme we have now come to Bract NZH-111. This feels like a pretty unique hop for New Zealand, where perhaps we've been lacking a bit in the huge tropical fruit aromas we have gotten used to over the years. It is more delicate, almost European in presentation with subtle hints of spice, citrus and earthiness. It is very nice in its own right and an exciting candidate to broaden the spectrum and usages of locally grown hops. Nice firm bitterness too, making it very suitable for the pilsner we decided to brew with it.

ABV: 5%
Vol: 440ml

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