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Hatsukame Junmai Ginjo Papa Hiroshi 初亀 純米吟釀 宏志爸爸 2024


This sake is a collaboration between the popular anime "Chibimaruko-chan" and Hatsukame, the oldest sake brewery in Shizuoka. Junmai Ginjo Father Hiroshi's label this year is "Hiroshi jumping around happily. He must be in high spirits after drinking sake. Fuji" and "the first sunrise of the year", synonymous with Shizuoka Prefecture, and "a turtle designed by Ms. Momoko Sakura" give the label a unique Hatsukame Brewing Co. It is brewed with careful handiwork using water, rice, and yeast from Shizuoka, the setting of the original work. The refreshing aroma and gentle sweetness from the sake rice "Honorifuji" spread in the mouth.

初亀 純米吟釀 宏志爸爸,静岡 初亀醸造 聯乘 櫻桃小丸子 的父親節限定作品,今年的主題是「快樂跳躍起的宏志」,確信著他喝了酒並且變得開心,全量使用靜岡縣酒米,水和酵母釀造,酒米 誉富士 帶來清新的香氣和溫和的甜味,是適合與爸爸慢慢對酎的一款作品。

Rice Polishing Ratio: 60%
ABV: 15%
Vol: 720ml