Laws of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business
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Tarsier Southeast Asian Dry Gin 700ml


Inspired by the cuisine of Southeast Asia, Tarsier is a citrus forward gin with aromatic & savory mid-notes and a long peppery finish. Distilled in a copper pot still with South East Asian ingredients such as Calamansi, Thai Sweet Basil, Galangal and Kampot Pepper, along with other traditional gin botanicals. Tarsier has a unique flavor profile unlike any other gins. The gin is named after the Tarsier, an endangered monkey-like species that is only palm size. Tarsier Gin donates 10% of profits to conservation projects in Southeast Asia to support the Tarsier.

NOSE: Aromatic & vibrant, with citrus, spice & coriander seeds

PALATE: Juniper, herbaceous & subtly sweet notes, with citrus & warming spice

FINISH: Long, warming & peppery, with citrus & spice

ABV: 45%