Laws of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business
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Baika Ranman Premium Plum Liqueur 梅花爛漫


A luxurious blend of long-aged plum liqueur made from carefully selected “Oushukubai” and Yumehibiki, a premium plum liqueur brewed in Nikka whiskey oak barrels. Please enjoy the unique plum scent and rich yet sharp taste of "umeshu x umeshu" that can only be drawn out because it is a plum wine specialty brewery. When pouring plum wine, you can also enjoy the unique tone that the bottle plays like pouring wine.


酒精度: 20%
容量: 500ml
釀造材料: 大山産鴬宿梅 釀造酒精 冰糖
熟成年間: 3年以上
飲用方法: 1.直接飲用 2.加冰 3.加梳打水 4.加水

Style: Umeshu / Plum Wine
ABV: 20%
Vol: 500ml
Maturation: above 3 years
Serving suggestion: 1. sipping 2. add ice 3. add soda 4. add water