Laws of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business
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Hong Kong Whisky Old Master Q Single Grain Rum Cask Whisky Cocktail


Chill out in style this summer with a refreshing glass of OMQ Way whisky cocktail, packed full of rum cask whisky goodness, bringing subtle spiciness and juicy exotic fruits aromas. This cocktail's bold flavours are enhanced by zesty and tangy grapefruit juice and locally sourced honey and finished with a subtle white port sweetness.

雞尾酒風味清新宜人,絕對適合在香港夏天享用,以老夫子的獨有幽默感,為心情帶來一股涼風。採用精選的蘇格蘭穀物威士忌及10 年陳的白砵酒為基酒,配合西柚汁、本地蜜糖及獨家雞尾酒配方,果香清爽,輕滲威士忌穀物威士忌的香甜及白砵酒的果仁風味,蜜糖與酸度的平衡恰到好處。

Vol: 250ml
ABV: 13%