Darrell Lea Liquorice Twists 280g


Darrell Lea has been making Australia's finest chocolates, freshest liquorice and most delectable confectionery since 1927.

Our most famous invention is soft-eating liquorice that we invented in a small factory under the iconic arches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

We're immensely proud that we're still 100, Australian-owned and 100% Australian-loved.
Loved by Aussie Mums and Dads and Nanas and Grandpas and lots of little kids all across the country.

Ever wondered how we get the twist in our Twists? Darrell Lea employs two ex-ballerinas as professional twisters. They each grab an end of the liquorice rope and pirouette all through the factory. After a full day of pirouetting, the ex-ballerinas can be dizzy for several hours. So they only twist three to four times a week.

Size: 300g

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