Curado Tequila Blanco Infused with Agave Cupreata


The Curado Tequila range is rather interesting as it is made with 100% Blue Weber agave (so far, so normal), but after distillation it's infused with cooked agave of different varieties. This particular expression was infused with Cupreata agave, which has helped to bolster the vegetal, spicy notes at its core.

"... Curado is inspired by the local fermented drink Pulque which has been enjoyed in Mexico for over 1,000 years. Its flavoured variations are known as Curado, giving this product its name.

As you would expect from the Ocho gang the production of Curado is designed to celebrate the very best of the agave plant to produce a totally new type of product. Whilst Blue Weber Agave’s are at the heart of the product it is the use of other varieties of agave that help create a different type of taste ..."

--- Bar Life UK

Product of Mexico
ABV: 40%
Vol: 700ml

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