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Duvel Barrel Aged Strong Golden Ale, Batch 7 Irish Whiskey Barrel Edition


Duvel is a Belgian beer with a rich history and a distinctive taste, is a true gem in the world of craft beer. Known for its golden hue, creamy head and effervescent carbonation, Duvel has captured the hearts of beer enthusiasts around the globe. First brewed in 1923 by the Moortgat family, Duvel quickly gained popularity for its unique brewing process and exceptional quality. The name "Duvel" means "devil" in Dutch, and it perfectly captures the beer's devilishly good flavour and devilishly high alcohol content. At a robust 8.5% ABV, Duvel packs a punch that is both intense and satisfying. What sets Duvel apart from other beers is its distinct taste profile. It possesses a delightful blend of fruity esters, spicy notes and a subtle hop bitterness. The beer's complex flavors are a result of the meticulous brewing process, which includes a secondary fermentation in the bottle. This gives Duvel its signature dry and crisp finish. Beyond its exceptional taste, Duvel is also known for its iconic glassware. The tulip-shaped glass, adorned with the Duvel logo, enhances the beer-drinking experience by capturing the aromas and allowing the flavors to fully develop.

The Duvel Barrel Aged Batch 7 Irish Whiskey Edition 750ml Bottle and Tasting Glass is a limited edition release that showcases the artistry and innovation of the Duvel brewery. This special offering combines the world of beer and whiskey to create a truly unique drinking experience. The 750ml bottle is elegantly designed, featuring intricate details and a label that proudly displays the collaboration between Duvel and the Irish whiskey industry. The beer comes in a gift box with a specially designed glass perfect for enjoying the beer's heavenly aroma. The limited edition bottle is beautifully decorated, via a screen printing technique, with the distinctive clover symbol in green. Inside the bottle lies a meticulously crafted beer that has undergone a distinct aging process.

Duvel, known for its exceptional brewing techniques, has taken their renowned Belgian Strong Golden Ale and carefully aged it in Irish whiskey barrels. This aging process imparts the beer with rich, complex flavors and subtle whiskey undertones, creating a harmonious fusion of two beloved beverages. To enhance the drinking experience, the Duvel Barrel Aged Batch 7 Irish Whiskey Edition also includes a specially designed tasting glass. This glass is crafted to enhance the aromas and flavors of the beer, allowing enthusiasts to fully appreciate the nuances and complexities of this unique brew. Pouring the beer into the tasting glass reveals its enticing golden colour and a frothy head that releases a tantalizing aroma. The initial sip reveals a delightful blend of fruity esters, spicy notes and a subtle whiskey character. The beer's smooth and velvety texture coats the palate, leaving behind a lingering, warming sensation. As the flavors unfold on the palate, one can detect hints of caramel, oak, vanilla and a touch of spice. The interplay between the beer and the Irish whiskey barrels creates a symphony of flavours that dance on the taste buds, offering a truly indulgent drinking experience.

From exotic Barbados - where we got the rum casks for the latest Barrel Aged batch, it was off to Dublin, Ireland. We knocked on the door of a fantastic distillery with a good reputation and a long history. Not only did we meet passionate distillers there, but we also found the perfect casks at Teeling Whiskey to age our Duvel in. That is always exciting, because you really only have 'one shot' to get it right and you always have to wait and see how the flavour evolves. But I am very proud of the result and I hope my colleagues in Dublin are too. - Hedwig Neven, Master Brewer

ABV: 11.5%
Vol: 750ml