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Zaku IMPRESSION N Junmai Daiginjo Sake 作 IMPRESSION N 純米吟釀無濾過直汲原酒 720ml


Shimizu Kiyasaburo brewery’s most popular line of sake, the Zaku Impression is a special Daiginjo that gives a nostalgic view on the art of making sake.
During the brewing period, the sake is freshly squeezed into each bottle and a slightly sparkling effect is achieved exclusively by using yeast preserved in-house which results in a freshness similar to raw sake.
As the brewery’s process is done all by hand and without the assistance of machines, they only release a limited number of bottles a year.
The vision behind Zaku Impression was to preserve the beauty in hand made traditional and artisanal sake.
The drinking experience is refreshing and pleasantly met with fruity aromas of pear, muscat and melon. The elegance of sweetness and acidity is followed by soft graduations of umami.
The Zaku Impression Junmai Daiginjo is the perfect bottle to have while dining out somewhere special, pairing well with caviar champagne, fresh greens and citrus.

ABV: 16%
Vol: 720ml

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