Tuatara Prince Albert ESB


One of our Crown Jewels, Prince Albert Extra Special Bitter The Motherland’s in turmoil. The English are leaving Europe. The Scots want to leave the UK. The Welsh get another chance to bemoan years of oppression. And the Irish just want to be left to their craic. To soothe their angst, we’ve brewed an ESB with a rich malt flavour and full English hop character. It’s bound to put the Great back into Britain. look: Coppery in colour with white head Aroma: Full malt aroma – caramel, toffee, earthy, woody and floral from English hops Taste: Full malt with a delicate English hop character Hops: Fuggles and Goldings MALT: Medium and Dark Crystal Alcohol/VOL: 5.2% Bitterness: 25 Try it with: Full flavoured aged cheddar and gouda Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding

Style: ESB
ABV: 4.7%
Vol: 330ml

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