Thompson Brothers Undisclosed Distillery, 24 year old single malt whisky, Speyside 1995


I have it on very good authority that this in fact hails from a certain very large and very famous Speyside distillery owned by Edrington

Colour: straw.

Nose: very lovely, very classical. Pollens, soft waxes, honeys, breads, pastries, wild flowers. All top notch modern fruity Speyside single malt at a perfect maturity. There’s also some more direct fruit notes of melon, tangerine and apricot. Very lovely.

Mouth: a little drier and more peppery than the nose suggested. Orange cocktail bitters, herbal teas, Cointreau, mint julep, heather honey and marjoram. Some nice crystallised exotic fruits beyond that as well as some slightly punchy spice from the wood.

Finish: quite long and full of cereals, bitter lemon, fruity flapjack, sultana and barley sugars.

ABV: 46.9%
Vol: 700ml

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