That Boutique-Y Gin Company Expeditionary Gin


One for the adventurous of heart or mind, a new release from The Golden Moon Distillery in Golden, Colorado USA: Expeditionary Gin. This gin is a twist on their classic Golden Moon Gin. Master Distiller Stephen Gould has gazed across the Atlantic and put himself in the shoes of his British cousins to make a gin more tailored to their tastes and temperament.
Bottled at 44.5% ABV, it looks as though the Atlantic Angels have taken their share. The final result is a dry gin with more citrus - very important for making Gin Tonics - less lavender and an extra spicy bite courtesy of grains of paradise.
This is a fragrant and zesty gin with an exotic and floral peppery character. Try it in a Gin and Tonic with a lime twist or in a Gimlet.

Nose: Bold with exotic spice; a leafy, green, herbal note reminds one of jungle vibes.
Taste: Spicy fennel and floral lavender make way for crisp juniper, then some sweeter earthy notes.
Finish: A lingering finish of black pepper and anise.
Overall: A gin that really takes you on a journey - or should that be expedition?

ABV: 44.5%
Vol: 500ml

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