That Boutique-Y Gin Company Estate-Foraged Gin


A gin inspired by and distilled in the glorious and beautiful countryside of Northern Ireland.
We put our own David T Smith to work, foraging in the brambles for blackberries on the Rademon Estate, as well as apples from the Walled Garden. These are part of a new botanical mix that is based on the recipe of the original Shortcross Gin.

Nose: Green leafiness and fresh berries - a hedgerow gin if there ever was one; the scent of hedgerows and orchards brimming with fruit.
Taste: A gently spicy spirit with jammy notes from the damson and a plump blackberry note that adds a bright zing.
Finish: Fading notes of blackberry, apple, and vanilla spice, like an autumnal crumble - no, that’s not cobblers!

ABV: 46%
Vol: 500ml

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