That Boutique-Y Gin Company Cucamelon Gin


The cucamelon is a wonderful fruit native to Mexico and Central America that looks like a tiny watermelon but tastes similar to a lime-dipped cucumber. Frankly they seem ridiculous, but cucamelons really do exist - and we made a gin with them!

Nose: Through orange oil and savoury juniper there’s candied peel, anise, and a suggestion of pocket-peppermints. There’s a kick of cumin in the backdrop.
Taste: Creamy vanilla, a little bitterness and subtly tart citrus lead, with a hint of angelica and jasmine. Clove and warm juniper simmer throughout.
Finish: The juniper heat persists as the anise becomes syrupy and there’s a touch of marzipan.

ABV: 46%
Vol: 500ml

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