That Boutique - Y Gin Company Chocolate Orange Gin


Who doesn’t like a chocolate orange, but we all know the perils of ownership; you could leave it on the parcel shelf in the sun, then even refrigeration won’t save it - all you will have is a congealed, hardened cricket ball of chocolate. But what if there was an answer? Here's your answer, folks: Chocolate Orange Gin. Made using a mix of classic gin botanicals, orange peel, and cocoa nibs, this is even suitable for those who don’t like milk or milk chocolate.

Tasting notes:
Nose: A bright and enticing nose with dry cocoa and the zingy zip of orange. Fantastic!
Taste: A thick and creamy spirit that perfectly creates the illusion of chocolate orange with its notes of milk chocolate and zesty orange.
Finish: Lingering citrus and a pinch of junipery pepper.
Style: London Dry Gin
ABV: 46.0%

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