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That Boutique-Y Gin Company Alamedapocalypse Gin


In the not-so-distant future, when horrific, beefy shark-men with machine guns aim to take over California (and then the world?!), there are only two people who can save the day - Dave and Lance from St. George Spirits!
What can you and I do as we helplessly watch the the apocalyptic battle? Well, enjoy a gin provided by Dave and Lance, of course! Alamedapocalypse Gin features notes of bay laurel, cinnamon, anise, chocolate and a medley of citrus, partially inspired by the flavours of California (pre-beefy shark-man overthrow, obviously).

Nose: Bright and booming. Grassy pine, bay leaf and aromatic cilantro.
Taste: Thick, mouth-coating texture, with notes of honey, Indian spice and a touch of hot chocolate.
Finish: Black pepper with notes of black tea, lime and a lingering note of ginger spice.

ABV: 46%
Vol: 500ml

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