Struise Black Damnation x Whisky Boiler Maker Tasting Session


Come join us for a boiler maker tasting session pairing de Struise’s Black Damnation with the whisky in which the beers were aged.

In this tasting session, we’re featuring 5 Black Damnation Imperial Stouts - #13, #14, #15, #24, and #25. We’re also featuring the whisky from which these beers were matured in (their casks), including Glenmorangie, Talisker, Glendronach, Octomore, and Ardbeg. Tony Leung, the renowned whisky writer, will join us and talk about the characters, flavours, production, and history of each whisky, and how they impact the beers as they were aged in their respective casks.

Tasting list:
B.D. 13 More Anger - matured for 5 years in Glenmorangie whisky barrels
B.D. 14 Talisman - matured in 10 years old Talisker barrel
B.D. 15 Drone - matured in Glendronach barrel
B.D. 24 Octopussy - matured for 5 years in Octomore whisky barrels
B.D. 25 Black Nuts - matured for 5 years in Ardbeg whisky barrels

Beer - 50ml each
Whisky - 10ml each

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