Stone Merc Machine Double IPA


Since 2014, the Stone Spotlight Series competition allows their brewers to create two-person teams and vy for the chance to have their recipe brewed and distribution nationwide. This year, Brandon and Miguel rolled in like a team of mercenaries and were crowned champions. The victorious creation was the result of their mission to brew a play on the trendy unfiltered IPAs of the day, but make it their own. "How would Stone do this?", they asked themselves. The result is one of the most intense hop experiences we at Stone Brewing have ever created. And that's saying something.

This IPA is a blend of West Coast and East Coast style, this beer has a lot of fruit character and is juicy with moderate bitterness and a touch of alcohol. Pours golden with some haze and a stable white head with fine bubbles, this DIPA has a touch of wheat that unfolds into apricot, red berry, tropical fruit and dankess.

Style: Double IPA
ABV: 9%
Vol: 650ml

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