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St. Bernardus 75 Years Anniversary Limited Edition


St.Bernardus ‘75 Years Anniversary’ is the final element in our celebration of our brewery’s 75th anniversary. In honour of the occasion, our brewers have created a festive ‘tripel style’ birthday beer. This beer will be sold in an extremely limited edition of 11,000 bottles, and only as 75cl. Every bottle is marked with its own, unique number!


A rich golden beer with an ample, but elegant head of foam.

Character, flavour, aromas

‘75 Years Anniversary’ definitely shares all the typical traits of a St.Bernardus: Watou’s groundwater gives it a lovely briny tang, quality malts ensure a pleasantly full mouthfeel with notes of brown sugar and nougat, and the unique yeast makes for a refreshingly fruity aroma reminiscent of fruits such as banana, red apple and pear. A balanced finish is complemented nicely by the refined bitterness of the hops.


This festive birthday beer is a delicious accompaniment to a seafood salad, hearty grilled meats, or a poultry stew with plenty of vegetables. Of course, it is also worth savouring as a pre-dinner drink or to round things off, with a nice bit of St.Bernardus cheese!

Vol: 750ml
ABV: 8.7%
Style: Belgian Tripel