Signatory Local Dealer Clynelish 21YO 1996 53.3%


Copyright Tasting notes to Nosingbär
A toppaint that reliably pervades its sweet, fruity pampering program from the nose to the long finish and whets up the experience with honey and barrel flavor. Provided by 1.5 teaspoons of water on 2cl Clynelish.

without water : very sweet, very fruity. A mix of red berries, blood oranges, plum jam, candied cherries and caramel. with water : the fruits become tingling acidic, the Malt is on the move. When he sits down, a complex, sweet, flowery fruit reigns. Blood oranges, melons, fruity flower nectar ... in the background dark chocolate. Sweet caramel is now allowed to move forward again. It takes a long, deep breath to bump into the back of the barrel wall, where you can find liquorice, overripe dark fruits, sweet honey, malt and more of the dark chocolate. Some cinnamon, pepper.

without water : sour, red berries, oranges, sour, red forest berries such as sloes and dirndls, caramel, slightly flowery. Cherries! with water : sour, sweet, thick start. Then mint rises in the nose, cherries. A mix of red berries, with unique blackberries, stand out from the background. The oranges from the nose I do not think makes nothing. Cassis, honey. A mouthfeel like hot fruit nectar, nice voluminous, but not yet syrup.

Cherries, minty, fruity-sour-spicy blackberries, here again blood oranges. On fading fruity flowery and still blood orange.

ABV: 53.3%
Vol: 700ml
Cask: Sherry
Region: Highland

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