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Siegfried Wonderoak Non-Alcoholic Alternative to Rum


Wonderoak adds a warm, aromatic flavor profile to any long drink or cocktail: tonka bean, nutmeg and oak provide full, round notes. Fenugreek, lime and curaçao for complexity and a touch of the exotic. The alcohol-free distillate stands on its own, but can also be used as a component like rum – either to reduce the alcohol content or to enjoy completely alcohol-free. The flavor goes hand in hand with the color: the darker tone comes from the natural coloring of natural extracts and oak wood. As with all SIEGFRIED products, artificial flavors and colorings are completely avoided.
“We've created a flavor profile that goes in a whole new direction. Not everyone likes the bitter spiky notes that you mix with tonic – as is the case with Wonderleaf or Siegfried Gin. What's more, non-alcoholic distillates are enjoying an ever-growing fan base, and now it's time for us to take the experience we've gained over the past three years and put it into a new product to give precisely these people even more options,” adds Gerald Koenen of SIEGFRIED.

Rheinland Distillers have worked for a long time on the optimal extraction of the aromas. The magic of the recipe is not revealed, but basically the botanicals are distilled and extracted classically, but more potently than in gin. The alcohol content is – as with the previous Wonderleaf – 0.24% vol. and thus contains less alcohol than a ripe banana or naturally cloudy apple juice in comparison. When the bottle is closed, the best-before date is 18 months; after opening, cool storage and rapid consumption are recommended.

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