Shichiken Furinbizan Junmai Sake 七賢 風澟美山 純米酒 720ml


Furinbizan is a very fresh Junmai sake which is made from the underground water flowing from Minami-Alps’ Mt. Kaikoma, in the town famous for its water called “Hakushu.” As you take your first sip, the umami of the rice beautifully spreads throughout your mouth and the delightful aroma flows out from your nose. The finishing flavor is clear, firm and semi- dry as it goes down your throat.
Taste: Medium aroma, fresh and semi-dry

清爽的純米酒。飲用後,口中會散發濃郁米香味之餘, 亦不忘帶給喉嚨辛辣的感覺。

Grade: Junmaishu
Polish: 70%
ABV.: 16.0%
Vol: 720ml
Type: Light and smooth type
Rice Type: Hito Gokochi, Asahi No Yume
Serving Temperature: 5-15 °C

等級: 純米酒
精米步合: 70%
酒精度: 16.0%
類型: 爽酒
釀造材料: 旭夢
建議飲用溫度: 5-15 °C

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