Samaroli Coilltean Glentauchers Distillery, 22 year old single malt whisky, Speyside 1996


We really love this spirit, which by now has become our faithful companion. It makes us think of a stroll through the Forbidden City in Beijing, where a whole separate life unfolds, past the warehouses with the bustle of servants… under the arcades filled with the chatter of bureaucrats and courtiers…through the parks, past lakes that have seen a succession of emperors who, first as children and later men, ruled over the greatest empire in history, its fate in their hands. A spirit dressed as a Geisha in a sumptuous, intricately embroidered outfit, theatrically Baroque in nature.

Then the nose, juicy, satisfying, lavish and creamy. A succession of scents serves up spices, worn saw dust and creamy aromas of yeast and freshly baked, crusty bread.

On the palate, more convex tones demand attention, almost paralysing our mouth. Sweet tones of cream meringue and under-ripe fruit. Let’s give this whisky time to interact with the ambient air, then we can return to find the same scents and aromas in a more austere, more developed, more satisfying guise.

ABV: 47.5%
Vol: 700ml

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