Ron Colon Salvadoreno Coffee Infused Rum


The rum begins its life from local sugar cane that is gathered and then run through a 100-year-old sugar cane mill to be turned into molasses. From molasses it undergoes fermentation with proprietary yeasts for 36 hours before being distilled by a modern multicolumn still. After distillation the rum is aged in white oak ex bourbon barrels sitting alongside rums that The Licorera Cihuatán distillery has been producing since 2004. The rum aged in Licorera Cihuatán have around 8% angel share per year. The Master Distiller and blender is Gabriella Ayala.

On the nose notes of toasted almonds and woody spice are most apparent. With dark rich fruit and warm vanilla bringing a sweeter note.

The coffee infusion brings notes of dark chocolate and dried sticky plums. A medium to dark roast gives the rum a rich, warming, nutty fl avour with a tiny hint of bitterness. This is balanced from the notes of the aged rum of fresh banana and juicy pineapple.

ABV: 55.5%
Vol: 700ml

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