Omnipollo Levon Belgium Blonde Ale

HK$51.00 HK$35.00

On my way to this iconic brewery with a suitcase full of marshmallows I admittedly questioned my good judgement. However, sipping on a glass of this beer I am utterly happy that the purist in me stayed at home. 

Tired of talking my friends into pit stops at beer bars before heading “out” - in fear of having to drink bland lager all night - I set out to craft an ale that would act as companion throughout the evening. Leon is assertively hopped and fermented dry using champagne yeast. The yeast and the hops in combination with a simple malt bill provides the beer with a quality of being rich in taste yet refreshing. 

Style: Golden Ale
Vol: 330 ml 
ABV: 6.5%

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