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Nito Niro 2023 二兔 二狼 2023 720ml


Nito Niro 2023 was developed from the concept of Autumn = Moon, Moon = Wolf. A wolf in rabbit's clothing.

It has a refreshing taste and a sweetness like fruits. The flavors overlap and intersect to create a luxurious taste. , all elements are balanced and harmonious, showing a sense of unity, which match also 2023 theme ''Unity''.

二兔 純米吟釀 二狼 2023,愛知 丸石醸造 的秋季作品,以 秋季=月亮,月亮=狼,以及「披著兔皮的狼」為概念而開發,是二兎所做不到的全新風味,亦可能是二兎突破進化的作品。

本年度的主題是「團結」,使用了 山田錦、雄町、及二兔的代表米「萬歲」 釀造而成,清爽的口感和成熟果實般的甜味,旨味重疊交集,創造出了奢侈的味道,各項元素平衡和諧,表現出一體感,請體驗2023年挑戰的二狼。

Vol: 720ml
ABV: 16%

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