N.I.P. 2020 Awakening Limited Edition Gin


We are proud to present our new gin – N.I.P – the Limited Edition – “Awakenings”.

This limited edition gin is created to commemorate the year we all had in 2020. Despite the difficulties and hardship that many of us may have faced throughout the year, there are still many positive notes to be drawn upon and celebrated, whether it be an extent of self-growth, discovering new things about ourselves, or as simple as a closer relationship with our loved ones, family or friends. For many of us, it’s a year we have come to realize certain things of importance to us, experiencing an “awakening”, in a way that continues to drive ourselves forward in the most positive way possible.

With that in mind, we chose some botanicals, herbs and spices that resemble our favourite home sweets and puddings, creating a sense of warmth and scent of celebrations. It is a flavour that we hope can bring joy and comfort to everyone around us, smiles and laughter. At the end of the day, we have realized that even in the toughest times, there is certainly still something to smile for.

ABV: 45%
Vol: 500ml

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