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Nanakanba Seven Junmai-ginjo Kimoto Sake 七冠馬 生酛セブン 純米吟醸 720ml


This Junmai-ginjo brewed with the local Shimane Prefecture rice Kairyo Omachi polished to a 50% ratio. Its mash is produced in a traditional method that keeps the alcohol content under 15%. Prepared by Chief Brewer Izumo, a highly skilled industry veteran, the sake does not use the artificial lactic acid typically used in sake brewing. Instead, with much time and effort, it is brewed naturally with a yeast starter in the old-fashioned manner. In contrast to typical sake brewed in this style, which tends to be full-bodied and rich, this sake has a silky touch that goes down smoothly. It is delicious both chilled and warmed, and goes well with the “tobikiri-kan” method of heating sake to 55℃.

Perfect with grilled soft roe, monkfish liver

「七冠馬 Seven 純米吟釀 生酛 原酒」是將產自釀酒廠所在地島根縣的釀酒用米「改良雄町」磨製剩下 50% 後用以釀製,並將酒精含量控制在 15% 上下的「溫和生酛」純米吟釀。此酒款由擁有豐富經驗及高超技術的出雲杜氏(出雲流派的總釀酒師)製作,不使用人工乳酸,而是耗費大量工夫,以充分發揮自然力量的古法「生酛釀酒法」釀製而成。這款酒和一般生酛「調性濃醇厚實」的酒質不同,口感輕盈,喝來相當清爽。這款酒無論以冷酒或熱酒的方式飲用都很美味,且相當適合以 55℃ 的「飛切燗(熾燙熱酒)」的方式飲用。

Rice polishing ratio: 50%
ABV: 17%
Vol: 720ml

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