Masahiro Okinawa Craft Gin (Recipe 1)


An intriguing Japanese gin from the Masahiro distillery, known for making Awamori (a type of rice-based spirit) but now exploring the glory of juniper! Alongside the aforementioned juniper, the distillers in Okinawa have used guava leaves, long pepper, roselle (a type of hibiscus), goya (a type of melon) and shekwasha (a green citrus fruit native to Okinawa and Taiwan).

1.Nose: Citrus aroma with freshness originally from a Japanese traditional spirits – rice spirits.
2.Taste: Feel freshness in a mouth due to its citrus and southern botanicals originally from Okinawa
3.Finish: Flavor lasts long after finishing a glass while you feel southern in a mouth

ABV: 47%
Vol: 700ml

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