Martini Combo (Beefeater Gin + La Quintinye Vermouth Extra Dry)


What's included in this purchase:
1 x Beefeater Gin 1000ml
1 x La Quintinye Vermouth Extra Dry 375ml

Ingredients: 20ml Dry vermouth, 50ml Gin, lemon (peel), ice

1. Chill a martini glass (or whatever glassware you'll be drinking from) by filling it with ice, set aside.
2. Slice a lemon peel longitudinally along the lemon, set aside
3. Pour 20ml dry vermouth and 50ml gin into a stirring glass.
4. Fill stirring glass with ice cubes
5. Stir liquor and ice for around 50 rounds, or until you feel the glass is cold enough. The faster you stir, the less diluted the cocktail will be.
6. Empty the drinking glass you've set aside, make sure there is no ice left behind
7. Strain the liquor from the stirring glass into the chilled drinking glass.
8. Pinch the lemon peel longitudinally, which squeezes the zest oil onto the top of the martini, twist the peel and dump into the drinking glass.
9. Enjoy while cold.

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