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Mancino Kopi Vermouth


Evoking childhood memories of making tiramisù in Italy and adventurous coffee experiences in Asia. Kopi lends it’s subtle yet creamy barista palate to the renowned Mancino style of luxurious vermouth. All the expectations of Mancino with the surprise of 14 Robusta beans, hand-picked in Java and dark roasted in Napoli at Barbera Caffè, equal to 0.5% of coffee per bottle.

1. Kopi HighBall: 60ml Mancino Kopi Vermouth, Top up with quality Tonic water
Method: Build all the ingredients with ice chunks
Garnish: Mint Spring

2. Café Martinez: 60ml Mancino Kopi Vermouth, 30ml Old Tom Gin, 10ml Crème de Cacao brown, 2 dashes of Coffee Bitter
Method: Stir all the ingredients with high quality ice using a mixing glass, strain in frozen coupe
Garnish: Orange Twist

3. Solito: 30ml Mancino Kopi Vermouth, 30ml Marsala Superiore, 30 Cynar, 10ml Anice
Method: Stir all the ingredients with ice and strain into chilled rock glass over an ice chunk
Garnish: Coffee Beans

ABV: 17%
Vol: 500ml

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