Jensen's Old Tom Gin


After his first taste of a vintage gin back in 2001, Christian Jensen set out to recreate a lost style of gin, mostly, so that he could have a few more authentic martinis. Jensen’s gins became a cult hit among bartenders and Bermondsey Gin Limited was born. The distillery and gin are named for the area in London in which Jensen settled, with the distillery housed in a railway arch beneath the main line from London Bridge station to the south east of England.

Jensen's Old Tom is a recreation of an original Old Tom recipe from the 1840s when sugar was more expensive and impurities were usually hidden by the simple expedient of adding greater quantities of botanicals. Jensen's Old Tom is true to this style, producing an extraordinarily complex, intensely flavoured gin, with long-lasting herbal spiced notes and a natural residual sweetness on the finish.

Product of U.K
ABV: 43%
Vol: 700ml

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